Services for companies

Presently companies can take advantage of many services offered by IT sector especially for them. There are for instance some IT services. In this text I would like to describe some of them. Delivery and maintenance system can be provided in each company. Transformation is performed in accordance wi Read more

Hard work is important for the company

Hard work is important – it brings a lot of good things for a company. Managed services are offered for various companies. Mobile network inventory became one of the superb inventions in the world. Not only American companies but also European firms use it on daily basis for the development, for t Read more

Communication in Innovation

Communication is a big deal in innovation, but a global approach is necessary to accelerate innovation in the targeted telecommunication services market. Since the process of accepting and diffusion is essential for any new project, here are three fundamental steps to support rapi Read more

Step to simpler payments

If you are managing an own company since the long time you managed already to get to know your customers in order to learn about them for some reason more. You know very well, what values and what are paying attention while using services of your company too. If the convenience is one of these value Read more

Telecoms want to cut your landline cord

Consumer advocates say the phone corporations want to eliminate the “obligation to serve” requirement, giving everyone the right to landline service, still the cheapest and most dependable form of telecommunication services.

That would open the door for telcos to abandon areas the Read more

How to improve a business?

There have been many books written on running a business. I know that there have been many great books written on that and I know that there have been many terrible books written on that. What I would like to tell you is that you should have as efficient business as possible, beca Read more

Multi-sourcing in digital services

Digital services need to be carefully considered and constructed, clearly describing the actual service being delivered. As increasing numbers of companies begin offering economical options and services, interconnect billing became the next step of telcom accounting. It enables operators to charge c Read more